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Email Deliverability Consulting

Determining your email deliverability
can be quite difficult and complex.

Engaging an experienced email deliverability
consultant can help you navigate these complex
deliverability challenges by creating actionable
inboxing strategies that work for your marketing
program's success.

check fake email

Signs your email marketing program needs help.

You suspect that customer or prospect emails are not receiving your messages.

Email Delivery Audit

Providing in-depth analysis to identify specific causes that are impacting your delivery performance by examining all email infrastructure components, policies and procedures & makes specific recommendations for both short and long term delivery sending strategy.

A holistic approach to email deliverability.

Inbox Placement

A more precise way of measuring ISP-specific, email deliverability is to monitor inbox placement

Sender Reputation

ISP-specific, aggregate score based off your sending domain and IP (VMTA)

Email Authentication

Failure to set up proper email authentication can have a negative effect on deliverability

This review looks at the percentage of messages that actually made it to the main inbox. This also allows you to predict inbox placement, which gives you a better idea of email deliverability ahead of time. That means you’re able to address deliverability issues before you hit send.

Define root cause, resolution and ongoing monitoring of any blacklists, spam traps, and other deliverability issues. This score is a crucial component of your email deliverability. The higher the score, the more likely an ISP will deliver emails to the inboxes of recipients on their network. Conversely, a poor email sender reputation can be seriously damaging to your overall email marketing strategy.

Receiving mail servers look for these authentication factors before deciding whether to deliver, block, or quarantine your emails. Ensuring the right configuration is in place should be a priority.

Factors relating to the email content personalization techniques/design/coding/size, number of links or use of link shorteners and overall uniqueness of the email. Avoidance and optimization of factors above are things that may accidentally make you look like a spammer.

To have good deliverability, you should send consistently and avoid any sudden changes in sending volume or frequency. This review will provide insight into optimal sending limits per ISP for knowing how often to send emails to your list and how many emails to send.

Email segmentation is the practice of dividing your mailing list into smaller groups of audience classification. Typically, list segments are time-based, using the last time a recipient was sent to or a response received from. This approach also serves as a good measure of the health and effectiveness of your emailing list. Sending emails to old or inactive email addresses aren’t adding any revenue to your business, and they’re hurting your deliverability metrics. It’s a good idea to cut off any email addresses that have no engagement within the last 180 days – transfer these accounts to a re-engagement (or even a re-permission) program.

Email Content

Email design and copy could have an indirect effect on your deliverability

Sending Profiles

Provides insight into optimal sending volume and frequency limits per ISP

List Segmentation and
Recipient Engagement

Providing optimal strategies for audience classification and engagement

Ensuring critical systems such as unsubscribe, feedback loops, bounce handling, and image/link/redirect mechanisms are validated is essential to any email sending infrastructure.

Designed to help uncover dormant accounts, role or non-individual accounts, third-party oversight seeds, disposable accounts, catchall accounts, inactive subscribers, misclassified bounces, or other non-delivery responses.

ISPs are suspicious of mail from a new IP address with no recent history, treating its reputation as negative-to-neutral. If you send too much, you get blocked, or mail goes to the spam folder. IP warming is the practice of gradually increasing the volume of mail sent with a dedicated IP address according to a predetermined schedule. ISPs use your IP address to identify you as a sender, track sending behavior, and assign an IP reputation score. Better behavior results in higher delivery rates.

Email Infrastructure
Process Validation

Critical email sending systems review and process assurance

List Quality

Determine current list hygiene and overall health

IP Warming and

ISPs are suspicious of mail from a new IP address with no recent history

Unrivaled, Actionable Insight

Let our experience provide you with the most comprehensive
view and insight into your email marketing program's operational
performance and financial efficiency.

Detailed Diagnostics

Industry leading, detailed diagnostics to aid in the identification and resolution of specific deliverability threats while improving your email marketing program’s overall deliverability, health and conversion rates.

Actionable Insight

Experience our proven methods and comprehensive reporting with over a decade of experience providing a unique view into your email deliverability, so you can consistently send in confidence.

Ongoing Guidance

Offering you assurance that your marketing program's operational efficiency is continuously monitored and optimized by our team of deliverability experts while in alignment with industry trends and internal goals.

Land in the inbox, everytime. Get access to a roadmap to guide you on the path to email performance optimization based on comprehensive deliverability intelligence.

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