Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal

Data Assurance Program

Due to the dynamic nature of email
addresses, data doesn’t stay clean

Spam-traps, dormant accounts, parked resources,
and day-to-day email validity changes are not static. It
is possible for an email to be perfectly safe to send to
one day and to become a threat the next. This scenario
plays out every hour of every day.

Achieving and maintaining optimal deliverability rates and positive sender reputation has become a priority for marketers as deliverability issues can cause significant revenue loss. The most effective way to ensure optimal deliverability rates is maintaining a clean, updated email list which reduces the likelihood of bounces, blacklistings, and deliverability blocks, resulting in a negative sender reputation.

Actively Protect your Sender Reputation

To combat this ever-changing environment, Impressionwise offers our Data Assurance Program, designed to actively assure and guard against a wide range of email-based threats while protecting your online reputation daily with industry-leading daily reporting and results.

Pristine and Recycled Spam Traps Non-Human Invalid Traffic (Proxies/ Bots)
Dedicated Honeypots and Contributing Moles Dormant Accounts
Third-Party Oversight Seeds Habitual Protestors
Email Blackhole & Threat Keys Group or Role Accounts
Typo and Fake Emails Disposable Email Accounts

Active Assurance, How it Works

Once enrolled into this program, any file submitted or API request processed by Impressionwise is automatically incorporated into a master list per client in our automated re-cleaning environment for scheduled re-cleans.

At pre-determined intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), this master list is cleaned using the latest scans with any new changes in each email addresses status sent in a list to your FTP account. An automated email notification will be sent on each scheduled reclean date notifying the account holder of any changes observed and availability of results.

Daily, Actionable Insight

Let the results speak for themselves with our
industry-leading Daily Changes Snapshot providing the most
comprehensive view and insight into your data.

Detailed Diagnostics

Industry leading, detailed diagnostics to aid in the identification and resolution of specific deliverability threats while improving your email marketing program’s overall deliverability, health and conversion rates

Actionable Insight

Experience our proven methods and comprehensive reporting with over a decade of experience providing a unique view into your email deliverability, so you can consistently send in confidence

Ongoing Guidance

Offering you assurance that your marketing program's operational efficiency is continuously monitored and optimized by our team of deliverability experts while in alignment with industry trends and internal goals

Stop wondering and start knowing if your emails remain safe to send.

Achieving consistent email list growth is one of the most important goals for many marketers. This often involves the acquisition of risky third-party email lists or sending to stale email addresses that result in serious deliverability issues and hinder sender reputation. Our Data Assurance Program is designed to actively assure your email list is maintained to a high state of readiness while protecting your sender reputation.

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