Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal


Threat Service data export specifications.

Manifest of deliverables contained within compressed file named:


The following export files contain the full row of fields initially provided in comma-delimited or CSV files unless noted otherwise:

Icon Folder Cleaned. Once a file has completed processing, it will be placed in this folder as a compressed (zip) file of the same name as the original file.
Icon Zip Within the compressed file you will find the following files and folders:
Icon File SAMPLE_FILE-CERTIFIED.csv (1,221,340)

All email addresses in this file have been certified good to send from a delivery reputation perspective, yet recipient-level bounce status has not been verified. With this understanding, you may upload this list to your ESP and send to each address with full confidence.

Icon File SAMPLE_FILE-SUPPRESS.csv (41,519)

All addresses in this file should be entirely removed from your active mailing list as they have been classified as “Do Not Email.” These addresses contain various reputation and deliverability threats and should be avoided. You may use this list as a suppression file to be uploaded to your ESP for ease of use. This export contains the following threat classifications: Trap, Mole, Quarantine, Seed (Bots/Role/Disposable/Seed/Dormant), Key, Parked, Invalid.


HTML File containing a link to this report (List Profile Report).

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