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Blacklist Profiles\SpamRATS (Really Annoying Trouble Spots) Blacklist

SpamRATS is dedicated to helping ensure that all forms of mail servers can choose to only accept messages from other properly configured mail servers. This is a list of IP Addresses that do not conform to more commonly known threats. This is usually because of compromised servers, hosts, or open relays. However, since there is little accompanying data this list could have false-positives, so we suggest that it only is used if you support a more aggressive stance.

SpamRATS is a completely automated system available to the general public. We hope this service helps protect you against one of the most problematic types of resources draining your email systems.

Blacklist Zone(s)

Blacklist type

URIBL: A URI dnsbl is simply an anti-spam “black list” delivered via DNS which consists of domain names and IP addresses which are found in the body of the message. Specifically, there are the domains and IP addresses which spammers use to host their web sites.

RBL: A RBL dnsbl is simply an anti-spam “black list” delivered via DNS which consists of IP addresses which are found in the body of the message. Specifically, there are the domains and IP addresses which spammers use to host their web sites.

Threat level/ delivery impact

Brand/ Network Resource/ Deliverability Harm - If your firm is impacted by threats shown below, you need to take immediate action as a laundry list of negative outcomes have potentially already begun ranging from significant deliverability issues to service termination from your ESP or ISP. If ignored, your brand reputation could be permanently tarnished and easily become associated in some circles with known spam organizations such as SpamHaus’s ROKSO or other similar blacklists.

Network Resource/ Deliverability Impact - Below are threats that could cause some significant delivery and reputational issues. At worst, you will experience continued delivery impacts and may be forced to purchase new sending domain and IP resources in order to achieve optimal deliverability.

Impacted Delivery - The following threats will result in temporal delivery issues, diminishing your campaign's outreach and effectiveness. Prolonged sending of these threats may result in longer lasting temporary blocks leading to eventual permanent blocking of your emails. There is minimal overall brand and sending resource reputational harm from these items


Automatic (upon receipt of a spam to a spamtrap mailbox), with extensive whitelists and filtering to prevent false positives.

Listing lifetime

Sender dependented when using the online removal tool.


Delisting guidance

Visit and follow the instructions.

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Impressionwise is a firm that provides professional real-time email verification, validation, and list cleaning services. Our core belief is that in order to have a successful email campaign, a company must send only a clean, well maintained email list. Our cleansing methodology is focused on the health of your sending network resources. The cleaner the domain and IP the better the delivery. Specifically helping email marketers validate and remove threat based email elements such as spam traps to ensure you are maximizing your lists' potential resulting in a higher level of engagement with your recipients. Our services allow you eliminate hard bounces and thus avoid being banned by your email service provider. Having been around for the past decade, Impressionwise’s longevity and industry experience have allowed us to amass the industry’s largest set of email list cleaning resources with the most flexible service options resulting in the highest level of actionable insight.

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