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Personalized communications, with
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Forge customer connections and drive growth with our full
featured, email marketing campaign platform. Our system is
designed to effortlessly automate email campaigns based on:
data-driven, predictive analytics, sending environment profiling,
point-of send hygiene and audience targeting engagement
data. The result: driving customer growth while protecting
your brand’s online sending reputation.

Protect your sender reputation.


Real-time analysis of your data for all known problematic or non-deliverable emails

Network Health

Network monitoring and automated notification of threat-based anti-spam organizations and activists

Email Reputation

Guarding against a wide range of email-based threats while protecting your online reputation

Network Health eSentinel. The eSentinel monitors in real-time the email sending domain and IP infrastructure health and automatically halts the sending of any email campaign running that produces any negative health issues that may affect your email campaigns success and email delivery infrastructure's online reputation.

Email Reputation Defender. Reputation Defender (Live Filter) proactively monitors in real-time the email list health and safeguards any sending domain and IP reputation by suppressing invalid emails addresses before they are sent. This ensures delivery rates and inbox placement incrementally gets better over time.

Protect your sender reputation.


Build precise, deliverable
audiences based on live
updating engagement data

Smart Sending

Send engaging messages
with delivery assurance
engineered for any scale


Harness real-time data
to reach every customer
on a personal level

Domain Profiler. This feature is at the heart of a smart, proactive, “send only amount of email the receiving domain will accept” philosophy. This system maintains a database of receiving domains and historical email delivery acceptance rates for every sending domain within your network infrastructure. This allows for email traffic shaping resulting in higher, more consistent deliverability in sending bulk email.

Smart Sending Array. This feature provides the capability to create a marketing email campaign with the ability to send to one or more or all sending domains without any need for pre-assignment. If any network resource (domain or IP) becomes unavailable due to hosting service or network health issues, the campaign simply ignores the downed resource(s) without having to stop the ongoing campaign. Once a resource becomes active again, the system will automatically make use of it.

Data Enhancement. This data service is built in two phases; first is the cleansing service using a multi-layered approach to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of e-mail-based threats. Excluding email verification features, this service is designed to clean by removing any form of online threats such as spam traps that could negatively impact your online reputation. This filtering is inclusive of any historical email addresses added to this account's custom bounce, delivery, and complaint blacklist filters along with the automatic insertion of any email seed addresses to the list.

The second phase focuses on delivery optimization and randomization of the list, at the time of sending, by re-organizing the selected amount the Domain Profiler indicated as a deliverable amount at that time per domain in conjunction with additional sending rules such as the recipient governor, responder open/click suppression, international sending and applicable traffic shaping governance. The results from the data cleansing and enhancement are used not only in initial campaign send, yet also while campaigns are running being screened by the live filter, providing real-time protection thru to completion of the campaign.

Simply, Automated, Flexibility. Integrate your ecommerce platform, ecosystem, and historical data to send highly personalized emails. If you can build it, we can integrate it.

Feedback Detection Engine. A core element to any great messaging platform. Features include automatic processing of: complaints, non-delivery reports, bounces, and any other form of recipient feedback delivered into historical databases with applicable suppression being applied.

Network Resource Warm Up Cycle Manager. This feature automatically senses sending acceptance rates of every sending domain and associated network IP. This feature tracks, gradually sending more email in accordance with strict sending volume algorithms to optimize sending volume acceptance by the major ISP's resulting in the establishment of a good sender reputation.


Approachable systems integration, webhooks, triggers and interface customizations

Feedback Detection

Automated parsing, routing, and processing of incoming emails with self-adapting AI rule sets

Network Warm Up
Cycle Manager

Raise your sender reputation by positively interacting with your emails, every day

Engage with your list producing high quality traffic.

Non-Human, Invalid Click
Traffic Filter

Protect against high-risk traffic, invalid traffic sources and guard against ad fraud

Email Campaign
Program Manager

Build exceptional customer experiences with automated email campaign management


Dynamic templates and content designed to make each email a unique experience

Non-Human, Invalid Click Traffic Screen. This filter is designed to protect against high-risk traffic sources (bad actors) and guard against ad-fraud in the form of NonHuman Invalid Traffic (IVT). Sophisticated machine learning algorithms identify traffic originating from botnets, data center traffic, click farms, proxies, malicious script injectors and hijacked devices, delivering the highest quality reach.

Email Campaign Program Manager. This unique feature allows for minimal input in the creation of a marketing program that is designed to automatically generate new email marketing campaigns once each campaign has completed with no human intervention required. These programs continue based on the timeline of the marketing program created.

Personalization. A core philosophy of this platform is to takes the "bulk" out of bulk email sending. Your users are unique, and emails sent to them should be, too. With Recipient Variable Tags, easily personalize all emails for each user. Another option to create unique emails while sending in bulk is to ensure every email sent is unique in every way, visible or not, to the recipient. This includes changing elements in the message header and body on every row to assist in the email not being labeled as bulk or junk.

Stop wondering and start knowing if your emails are landing in the inbox,
every time. Engage & nurture customers with relevant messaging that creates
unique experiences that convert leads into customers.

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