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Performance-Based Partnership

Interested in partnering with us? Join forces with our team to protect businesses online reputation while increasing the ROI of their email marketing campaigns.

Partner with Us

Forge customer connections and drive growth by integrating or making our services available to your customers? Benefits include customization opportunities such as:

White Labeled Badging and Reporting. Custom labeling of our industry-leading List Profile Report provides the most comprehensive view and insight into your client email list.

Client Discounts. Discounted partner rate helps you and your clients save on service credits.

Whether you have an agency or you’re looking for a software integration partnership, reach out to explore the possibilities. Our email treat and verification services have a wide variety of uses and work together to foster safe email messaging with mass appeal.

Value to your users.


Traditionally, until an email marketer deploys an email marketing campaign, they generally had no awareness of the toxicity of the data in the list.

Solution: Our industry-leading, line item reporting covering all forms of email reputation and deliverability threats, so you can send in confidence.


Historically, compliance has been self-directed and elective. Most email marketers lack of sending reputation awareness represents an existential threat to you as a service provider.

Solution: Impressionwise, educates our clients than list cleansing is not a one-time event and promotes pro-active hygiene compliance thru regular cleansing intervals or using our Data Assurance Program.


Let our expert data intelligence identify and resolve your threat and deliverability issues with our detailed diagnostics.

Solution: Our industry-leading List Profile Report provides the most comprehensive view and insight into your data thru detailed diagnostic codes to aid in the identification of specific deliverability threats.

Value to you as a service provider.


Service providers rely on users to follow best practices with list growth and maintenance. Until a user deploys an email marketing campaign, you have no way of knowing the toxicity of the data in the list.

Solution: Stop wondering and start knowing if your emails are safe and sign up for our complimentary evaluation.


Rather than rely on user to stay in compliance, our service assist companies in taking proactive measures to protect your email network reputation and email deliverability.

Solution: Our network monitoring service can monitor your user’s resources detecting deliverability/ reputation threats to your users and alert your deliverability team before problems become bigger issues possibly affecting other clients unintentionally.


Tired of your users complaining about why their delivery has poor performance or having your user provide you with a third-party, overly simplified reporting provided as proof of good hygiene practice from other verification companies with minimal detail and zero insight helping your users understand why their deliverability is less than optimal or problematic

Solution: Don’t terminate or lose your problematic clients, remediate them! Earn their loyalty and trust by educating them into what the root causes are with their reputation/ delivery issues and how to Impressionwise could aid in the resolution.

Grow your online exposure with trusted partnerships. Impressionwise is known world-wide for being the foremost expert in email verification and threat removal. Our technology allows you to proactively engage with potential and current senders to evaluate their lists in a way that focuses on the various threat and deliverability challenges service providers are faced with regarding compliance throughout the lifecycle of a sender.

Become an Affiliate

Earn passively by driving traffic and promoting Impressionwise products to your audience & customers. You already value our email threat and validation services, why not be rewarded each time someone converts while helping your clients achieve unrealized growth in email marketing campaigns.

Each affiliate program is unique. Impressionwise’ wide range of tools are specifically designed to solve the needs of our partners using a risk-free, performance-based model. We have cutting-edge technology to optimize your affiliate partnerships. Our innovative tools give our partners the flexibility to have full control of how their program is set up, how to value each affiliate and what information to track. Each solution reveals data-driven insights to propel programs to success.

Start your performance-based program and start spreading the word.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about partnership opportunities with Impressionwise.

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